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Self-defense is for everyone and you dont want to be without the proper tools when you are in a bad situation. It doesnt matter if you are in your home or office, wear a badge or operate in Afghanistan. We all need certain skills for our environments. I teach women, men, law enforcement and military in private, seminars, classes- on location or at my training locations.

I will show you what you can do, not show you what I can do, says Robb Hamic, founder of SUMMIT self-defense. I am my first student and I train all of the time, travelling all over the world to gain my skills to train my students. I train under some of the worlds best master instructors.

SUMMIT self-defense offers training locally, nationally and internationally through its instructor cadre that comes from diverse backgrounds. SUMMIT self-defense has primary and adjunct instructors who all have diverse skill sets. Many instructors are not listed for privacy issues. We specialize in two main segments of personnel - individuals and police / military. We also train a lot of women. Visit our Programs For Women area for detailed programs. We travel weekly to conduct seminars for any type of function / audience you can imagine. We have professional MMA fighters on staff.

We can handle all of your self-defense needs. Practical martial arts, self-defense, handgun training deployment and concealed weapons licensing (CHL, CCW), Taser use and sales, OC Spray use and sales, and other weapons such as knife fighting. In addition, SUMMIT self-defense currently has a Federal Firearms license selling all types of firearms in New Mexico to qualified individuals and nationwide to law enforcement. We can help you select the best weapon for you and sell you ammunition for defense or practice.

Self-defense can be simple and that is our goal to transfer our knowledge to you. We teach from a position of research and understanding. We teach our students every advantage including proper muscle recruitment and position. Our methods work in fights. They incorporate gross motor skills that are the only thing available to you in a real fight or attack. Complicated defenses that are taught in many self-defense styles dont work for most people because of three reasons.

  • you have to recognize that you are about to be attacked
  • you have to quickly recognize the attack coming in and remember the technique
  • you have to use fine motor skills to complete most techniques

We incorporate human nature into all of our tactics, which involves the startle-flinch response. This is the bodys primal defense. It occurs when a stimulus is introduced too quickly and everyone experiences it regardless of what they say. It is amazing and it works after one repetition, says Hamic.

"In the end, it takes something to get to the other side, safely. In some environments - luck is not an option on which you can rely and second place is not an option. it is a state of being. Second place trophies are available in granite. See beneficiaries for details." This is a quote from a very good friend oif mine who is a Vietnam Combat Veteran whom like me, cares about you.

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Summit self-defense teaches American Israeli Self Defense, combatitives and martial arts.


Self Defense
Concealed Handgun Licensing

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Self Defense in the United States Blog

Self defense in the United States Blog

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SUMMIT self-defense?, Local, National, International Self Defense Instruction and Training

SUMMIT self-defense
Austin, Albuquerque, San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas and Internationally.
Toll Free: 877-260-3773

Specialized Training From SSD

Gun Training For Women, Men and Law EnforcementGun Training For Women, Men,
Law Enforcement

Scheduled training is available at our Austin School, Albuquerque School and our San Francisco / Bay Area School.
Click Here To View Our Shooting Instruction Programs

Seld Defense Programs Especially For WomenSelf Defense Programs For Women
Robb Hamic and the instructors / coaches at Summit Self Defense are committed to giving women and girls options when it comes to self defense. We specialize in all forms of self-defense instruction for women and recognize that not all people learn the same way. We have specially designed programs to meet womens needs.

Israeli Combat ShootingIsraeli Combat Shooting Training
ICS is a programmed method of weapons deployment that has been very successful in Israel for the last few decades. It is designed for close-quarter action and teaches the shooter to draw, cock and shoot a violent offender in one second or less. "I teach people how to win violent stressful encounters with a handgun. It is as simple as that." says Robb Hamic.

TAOS Tactical, World Class TrainingTAOS Tactical
World Class Training
5 Star Accommodations

"The Taos Tactical experience will far exceed your expectations, both in hospitality and dynamic training,"

Taos Tactical is dedicated to providing a variety of exclusive weapon and combatitives training opportunities to its clientele.

  • Exclusive Resort destination for world-class training
  • All-inclusive first-class accommodations, cuisine and concierge
  • Internationally trained firearms instructors with up-to-date credentials
  • Absolute world-class private self defense instruction, methodology
  • CCW/CHL licensing with courses (3 state combination)
  • Spouse training for some or all of the sessions with many relaxing distractions
  • Guided activities, spas, sightseeing, skiing, class river rafting, climbing
  • A beautiful, gracious, high altitude alternative for your training wishes
  • Secure,discreet, private attendance available

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