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Robb Hamic has been credited with authoring some of the most influencial blogs in the private security and personal safety sectors on the web to date. Robb's New Mexico Security Blog has played a prominent part in exposing the sub-standard performance of state sanctioned regulatory agencies and security businesses providing services to the New Mexico communities. The New Mexico Security Blog is a sobering eye opening exibition to the dangerous environment that exists that unknowingly New Mexicans conduct their day to day lives within and trust their safety to underperformers and unscrupulous security providers.

SUMMIT self-defense® Corporate Blog
This blog features issues related directly to SUMMIT self defense® and the self defense and security industries. As an industry leader, we felt that it was important for us to make available to our website visitors some of the exciting things taking place at SUMMIT self-defense®, upcoming opportunities, our expansion projects as well as communicate our evaluations of important self defense and security related issues taking place around the world. >>> Visit the Blog

Exposing fake Israeli self-defense instructors..
This blog exposes prominent Israeli self-defense instructors who have used fake credentials and fraudulent military records to promote their services for money.. This is a no-nonsense, no holds barred blog. >>> Visit the Blog

Personal self-defense in the United States by Robb Hamic
Self defense in the United States is a concern for many people. This blog features self-defense related articles, features, statistics and techniques to make you feel safer at home, work or when you are in public. Highly effective Israeli self-defense techniques are prominent in this Blog. We also discuss handgun weapon deployment for citizens. The blog is published by Robb Hamic, published author for Law Enforcement Training magazines.. >>> Visit the Blog

Gun Training For Women, Men, Law Enforcement
Gun Training For Women, Men and Law Enforcement
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ICS, Israeli Combat Shooting Instruction, Concealded Handgun Licensing and Deployment Training

Self Defense Training Programs for Women from SUMMIT self-dfeneseĀ®

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