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SUMMIT self defense® Press Releases

Austin Self Defense: Robb Hamic Becomes Certified by Tony Blauer as a Personal Self Defense Readiness (PDR) Coach- Local, National and International
Austin, TX August 26, 2009 -- Austin Self Defense is "serious business," says Robb Hamic, Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) certified Coach under the system's creator Tony Blauer. Mr. Hamic is the managing principal of Summit Self Defense and Chief Instructor. >>>

Firearms Instructor Robb Hamic Provides Concealed Handgun (CHL) Training in Austin Texas
Austin, TX June 26, 2009 -- Rob Hamic is an expert Israeli Krav Maga self defense teacher, law enforcement/ military trainer, concealed weapons (CCW, CHL) instructor and use of force expert. >>>

Rob Hamic Trained His 5000th Student this Week - Training Locally, Nationally and Internationally
Expert Witness, Guns, Self Defense, Knives, Taser.

Austin, TX May 05, 2009 -- Robb (Robert) Hamic is a licensed CHL instructor in Texas and provides handgun deployment training to private individuals, women, law enforcement agencies and the military. >>>

Robert Hamic Launches The "Personal Self-Defense in The United States Blog"
Austin, TX March 10, 2009 -- Robert Hamic has launched the "Personal self-defense in the United States blog" to provide useful Israeli based self defense information, statistics and news to the public. Robb Hamic provides self-defense to women, men, law enforcement and military personnel and he is a a certified self defense trainer. >>>

Israeli self-defense DVD's and Israeli Combat Shooting DVD's are Released by Summit self-defense
Austin, TX March 09, 2009 -- Summit's instructors Robert (Robb) Hamic and Matt Knaub teach students through schools in Albuquerque and Austin. >>>

Israeli Combat Shooting Part 2 by Robb Hamic Published in the Firearms Instructor Magazine by IALEFI
Austin, TX February 18, 2009 -- Firearm's Instructor Magazine published Robb Hamic's article "Israeli Combat Shooting Part 2." Mr. Hamic is a Israeli Combat Shooting, Israeli Tactical Knife and Ground Survival Instructor. >>>

IALEFI Firearms Instructor Magazine published article by Robb Hamic
Austin, TX February 13, 2009 Gilford, NH -- The IALEFI Firearms Instructor Magazine published an article by Robb Hamic about Israeli Combat Shooting (ICS). Robb Hamic is a ICS, Israeli Tactical Knife and Ground Survival Instructor who writes training articles concerning Israeli hand-to-hand, fighting, shooting and tactical knife methodologies. >>>

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Gun Training For Women, Men and Law Enforcement
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