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Self Defense Programs

Self-defense for Men - Summit self-defense® teaches the Israeli Krav Maga and American combatitives system to individuals. Israeli Krav Maga is the evolution of all Israeli martial arts and combines elements of Brazilian JuJitsu, Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing and combat wrestling. It is designed for all people and is taught in Israel to male and female members of the IDF. The techniques incorporated into the system have been proven in violent hand-to-hand combat situations in Israel and have been carefully adapted to street oriented self-defense.

Fitness - The first fight is always with you and most of us need to improve our conditioning. We understand that many self-defense situations might not require extreme fitness. We design our programs for everyone. One of our core fitness programs is designed to improve endurance and functional strength and get you into the best shape of your life, while having a great time. Better fitness creates confidence and that is a positive aspect of our training.

Self-defense for Women - Women are confronted with many possibilities of violence in today's society. Self Defense skills gives women the solutions for acts of violence, attacks, intimidation, stalking, harassment domestic abuse and sexual assault. Many of our classes and seminars are primarily attended by women and focused on their unique threats. >>> more

Nationally Certified Taser Training Instructors
Law Enforcement and Military -We recognize that Law Enforcement Officers and Soldiers are faced with unique challenges in increasingly violent environments. It is our goal to make you safer and provide physical tools for everyday situations (whatever comes your way). Summit focuses on giving operators different skills to detect deter and defend themselves in violent situations.

Summit started training law enforcement in 2003 after it lost one of its own, killed in the line of duty in Albuquerque, NM. Robb Hamic became frustrated at the lack of availability for training for professional officers and sought out all training opportunities available. He brought the training back to his officers and those making a difference in the private and government industries. He quickly learned that many tactics being taught were ineffective in actual confrontations.

Summit has sought out the premier systems available to military and law enforcement and combined it into a proven system that works in all environments, against multiple attackers, on the ground and with weapons. Summit’s instructors bring a lot of skills to the classroom including cutting edge Israeli Krav Maga and American combatitives, ground fighting, knife fighting, combat wrestling, combat shooting and Mixed Martial Arts. We recognize that weapons are often brought into a fight and offer fast deployment or disarming skills for bad situations. We specialize in ‘condition black’ and fast response. We also give our first responders skills to secure people that are passively resisting and need to be taken into custody.

Summit’s instructors are military and law enforcement veterans. We have all survived deadly confrontations. There is no substitute for real-world experience and our goal is to transfer our knowledge to your ‘bucket of tools.’ We take nothing away from you. Summit’s instructors are constantly being trained by the world’s best so that they can bring that training back to agencies and military units on-site or at your location world-wide. We custom tailor your our courses for your needs. We offer basic courses, advanced tactics / combatitives or even SWAT or heavy weapons operator packages.

* Robb Hamic and other Summit instructors provide seminars, group or private instruction in the U.S. upon request and agreement. Price quotes upon request.

SUMMIT self-defense® offers law enforcement and military certified training in the following disciplines:

  • Israeli Krav Maga and American Combatitives
  • Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting
  • Ground survival, Ju-jitsu and Combat Wrestling
  • Israeli Combat Shooting (fast gun deployment)
  • All intermediate weapons including Taser
  • All small arms and operating systems (foreign or domestic)
  • Heavy weapons
  • Tactics, SWAT packages, Assaults, Active Shooter
  • Police driving, defensive driving
  • Waterborne operations
  • Tactical Medical
  • WMD response
  • Surveillance, intelligence gathering, counter-intelligence
  • Personal Protection
  • Facility security operations
  • Mobile security operations
  • Multi-lingual instructors
  • Rural training and mountain locations available
  • Nationally instruction certified: revolver, semi-auto handgun, shotgun, rifle, patrol rifle, tactics, Taser, expandable baton, OC spray, officer survival, certified protection officer and use of force curriculums.
  • State accredited programs: security officer level 1,2,3,4; concealed handgun licensing and bodyguard certification. Other accredited programs: basic and advanced investigation, surveillance, burglary, auto theft, fraud, white-collar and general private investigation.

Part 1 & 2 of a series
Israeli Combat Shooting
by Robb Hamic

Click on a cover to read the article

Part 1
The Firearms Instructor, Issue #45, Israeli Firearms Methodologies by Robb Hamic

Part 2
Fight like an Israeli, Keep your Cool and Prevail

Concealed handgun licensing - Summit self-defense® offers concealed handgun licensing and certified training that is acceptable in Texas and New Mexico. Texas resident CHL licensing certifies individuals to carry weapons in 29 states. Summit self-defense® also teaches and certifies Non-resident individuals to get Texas state CHL licenses. Contact us directly Toll Free: 877-260-3773. Please visit our Israeli Combat Shooting program page for additional concealed handgun licensing and deployment training. >>> more

Robb Hamic and Vice-President Dick Cheney

Robb Hamic and Vice-President Dick Cheney.

Summit Self Defense

Summit Self Defense for Females

TAOS Tactical, Advanced Tactical Training

ICS, Israeli Combat Shooting Instruction, Concealded Handgun Licensing and Deployment Training

Self Defense Training Programs for Women from SUMMIT self-dfenese®

Gun Training For Women, Men, Law Enforcement
Gun Training For Women, Men and Law Enforcement
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