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Get A FREE month of LIVE Group Conference Call Training Sessions with Robb Hamic.
Speak with Robb personally in the Q&A period.
Get 2 FREE months with the purchase of 2 or more training DVD's
Schedule: Each session 1 hour duration; 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 10 A.M. CST.

Summit self-defense ® offers our complete DVD instructional program for sale on-line. DVD’s are offered for each course for current students or students who want to learn these techniques at home. DVD course titles include: Israeli Combat Shooting with Robb Hamic, Concealed Handgun Licensing and Deployment Training, Fundamentals of Corporate & Executive Security, Women's Self Defense Tactics - Scenario Based Defense, Knowledge and Awareness From My Eyes by Robb Hamic. We have found that outside of class students find the ability to use the DVDs / Videos and manual to review and practice techniques invaluable. Individuals, martial artists, instructors or law enforcement trainers can add to their training by purchasing the DVD series of their choice. Order today and you will have the DVD’s in a short time.

Israeli Combat Shooting DVD
Available Online Soon
Israeli Combat Shooting with Robb Hamic DVD
Israeli Combat Shooting is the method of handgun deployment used in Israel by their police and military. It is fast and effective. It takes the shooter through all stages of gun deployment in just over a second, from a holster to attacker. ICS is a programmed method of gun deployment and it is instinctive in nature. Robb Hamic teaches men, women, law enforcement, protection teams and military this tactic. Robb Hamic has taught this method of gun deployment to a wide range of people successfully and he will teach you how to be successful regardless upon your experience level >>>
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Concealed Handgun Licensing and Deployment Training DVD
Available Online Soon
Concealed Handgun Licensing and Deployment Training DVD
"Don't bet your life on a license. Get the training you need and a concealed handgun license at the same time so you can defend yourself and your family in a violent, stressful encounter,” says Robb Hamic, Chief Instructor for SUMMIT self-defense®.
This is a step-by-step guide to weapons deployment and Israeli combat shooting methodologies. The DVD reveals the system that is used by the Israeli Defense Forces in a clear and consise format. This is a very simple but effective system and students are shown how to deploy their firearm and fire three shots to an attacker’s head within 1.5 seconds under extreme stress. This series is perfect for people who carry concealed weapons but received no weapons deployment training. It is also good for home defense, self-defense or other civilian uses. Law Enforcement and military trainers use this DVD series to further their training and provide their officers with additional useful and combat proven techniques.
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Fundamentals of Corporate & Executive Security DVD
Available Online Soon
Fundamentals of Corporate & Executive Security DVD
Corporations are exposed to a wide variety of threats in today’s environment and each corporation is responsible for protecting people and property. Executives have distinct threats and many people have increased risk based on certain factors. This DVD addresses the broad range of corporate threats and security measures used to mitigate risk. We will teach you how to keep your employees safe regardless of your company’s size or location. The executive security portion of this DVD addresses the specific threats of today’s key corporate executives. There are simple and effective ways to stay safe but you must have the playbook in order to recognize or evaluate your risk.>>>
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Women's Self Defense Tactics-Scenario Based Defense DVD
Available Online Soon
Women's Self Defense Tactics- Scenario Based Defense
We train women how to protect themselves each week. Our research indicates that many women fear some of the same attacks. Women are often attacked in certain scenarios. We have developed scenario-based training for women’s fears. We will walk you through the attacks and show you how they occur. We talk about awareness and detection of threats. We teach you how to win violent attacks if you are forced to fight. This is a DVD for women and it addresses emotions of an attack, the physical assault itself and the events that occur after an attack. >>>
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