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The SUMMIT self-defense« instructor team consist of Certified Law Enforcement Trainers (CLET), Certified Israeli Krav Maga, Ground Survival, Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting (ITK), Israeli Combat Shooting (ICS) and Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) instructors. Many of the videos provided here will give you insight to the programs that we provide and the application of the skills we will transfer to you, our clients. If at any time you have a question please do not hesitate to contact us for answers at 877-260-3773

SUMMIT self-defense« provides CHL instruction and deployment training. These are two distinctly different programs. We are seriously concerned with your safety and survival in a critical situation.

We would like to point out just a few things to consider as you view these videos.

Lets assume that you have taken the CHL course and are in possession of a valid CHL and a situation such as a home invasion, car jacking, armed robbery, armed assault, violent domestic abuse assault or other life threatening event begins.

  1. With training and muscle memory, you have the ability to react and make decisions in your favor immediately, before the situation escalates to a different level.
  2. Without training and muscle memory, you might have the opportunity to react and hopefully make decisions in your favor if the opportunity arises, however, remember, this is a very dangerous position to evolve to and position yourself in. Luck should not be an element in determining the outcome in your favor.
  3. With training and muscle memory, you have the ability to transfer control of the event from the perpertrator to you immediately.
  4. With training and muscle memory, you are now on target, you have the ability to make the critical decision of "shoot, don't shoot". This instant decision making position is acquired through the critical time saving process that comes from training and the confidence acquired from your acquired skill.

SUMMIT self-defense« CHL and Deployment Training programs are designed to place you in the control position in a critical situation.

Austin Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing and Deployment Course
This course is offered at all of our SSD schools and is also available with our TAOS Tactical program. Possession of a concealed handgun license (CHL) is useless if the holder does not have adequate deployment training.

Israeli Combat Shooting For Law Enforcement, Local, National and International.
ICS has a familiar foundation of muscle memory, instinct and reliability that is easy to teach to everyone. ICS saves time and allows the shooter to not even look at gun sights. In fact, over half of all shootings happen at less than six feet. No sights are required when you can almost touch the attacker. ICS is a programmed method of weapons deployment that has been very successful in Israel for the last few decades. It is designed for close-quarter action and teaches the shooter to ôdraw, cock and shootö a violent offender in one second or less. "I teach people how to win violent stressful encounters with a handgun. It is as simple as that, period." says Robb Hamic.

Tactical Shooting Transition From Assault Weapon To Secondary Weapon
SUMMIT self-defense« has provided ICS training for a large list of Law Enforcement agencies and SWAT teams, both domestic and foreign. ICS gives Law Enforcement additional tools when facing stressful, violent encounters when their lives are on the line. When reality strikes, you need to be the last one standing, period.

Israeli Tactical Knife Deployment
In this video SUMMIT self-defense« Robb Hamic gives instruction on Israeli tactical knife deployment of a concealed knife from a pair of jeans.

Robb Hamic and Vice-President Dick Cheney

Robb Hamic and Vice-President Dick Cheney.

TAOS Tactical, Advanced Tactical Training

ICS, Israeli Combat Shooting Instruction, Concealded Handgun Licensing and Deployment Training

Self Defense Training Programs for Women from SUMMIT self-dfenese®

Nationally Certified Taser Training Instructors

SUMMIT self-defense«
Austin, Albuquerque, San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas and Internationally.
Toll Free: 877-260-3773

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